Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students decide whether these sentences containing advanced quantifier expressions and structures are correct or not.

Advanced Quantifiers Error Correction Worksheet


Are these following sentences containing quantifiers correct? Are they Correct or Wrong?

  1. Are there any questions or can we move on to the next unit?
  2. Nearly each person I saw that day complained about the cold. It was freezing!
  3. Phil was a respected doctor and lot of his former patients came back for his retirement party.
  4. Many of the people on the beach got sunburned quite badly.
  5. Both of the sisters didn't go to the dinner party.
  6. Are there many of the chairs left to still be moved?
  7. Has anyone had a piece of cake? There's still one slice left.
  8. None of those letters you're waiting for have arrived yet. Premium

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