Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students decide whether these sentences containing advanced quantifier expressions and structures are correct or not.

Advanced Quantifiers Error Correction Worksheet 2


Are these following sentences containing quantifiers correct? Are they Correct or Wrong?

  1. If you have some doubts about the exam, come and ask me.
  2. There were no photos taken here last night. None.
  3. All the students didn't understand the lesson and the teacher got very angry.
  4. Almost everything you ask him, he refuses without even considering it.
  5. Put that horror movie on Channel 4 on. Anything would be better than this!
  6. There's many news we don't know yet. I hope it's not as bad as we fear.
  7. There were no seat left on the 6.15 train so I had to get the next one.
  8. Few people realise how hard it is for a single mother. Premium

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