Advanced Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students use one of a list of words that all begin with pre- to complete each sentence.

Pre- Words Gap Fill Worksheet 2


Choose the best word for each sentence, using the correct verb form.

precede   predict   predominate   prefer   preoccupy   prescribe   present   presume   pretend   prevent

1. The mayor's speech will ______________ the dedication ceremony.

2. Although meteorologists have gotten better at ______________ the weather, storms still sometimes catch us by surprise.

3. A suspect is ______________ to be innocent until proven guilty.

4. Did the doctor ______________ some medicine for you?

5. My friend didn't pay attention to what I said; she seemed to be ______________ with something.

6. Which color do you ______________?

7. This forest has many kinds of trees, but birch trees ______________.

8. The children were ______________ to be horses.

9. This repellent should ______________ the mosquitoes from biting you.

10. My grandfather was ______________ with a gold watch when he retired. Premium

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