Advanced Level >> Phrasal Verbs Worksheets >> Students re-order the words to make correct sentences with phrasal verbs beginning with W-Z.

Phrasal Verbs with W-Z, Re-Ordering Worksheet


Re-order these words to make correct sentences using phrasal verbs that all begin with the letters W to Z.

  1. Don't wait up for me, I'll be very late.
  2. We visited our friends and walked into a big domestic argument.
  3. The monster watched over the sleeping child until the king returned.
  4. The restaurant manager was arrested for watering down the wine.
  5. Weigh up the positives and negatives before spending any money.
  6. I know I can always win him over and he'll do what I want.
  7. The entire rabbit population was wiped out by the disease.
  8. It took me three hours to write up the lecture notes. Premium

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