Advanced Level >> Phrasal Verbs Worksheets >> Students re-order the words to make correct sentences with phrasal verbs beginning with R-S.

Phrasal Verbs R-S, Re-Ordering Worksheet


Re-order these words to make correct sentences using phrasal verbs that all begin with the letters R and S.

  1. dissertation many I . back found errors over read the and so
  2. ride if . we , to recession out the manage be much we'll stronger
  3. is a that on very Marcia woman but rubbed . kind none of her off daughter
  4. window is so the . properly through can't that I see dirty it
  5. into my had to aunt got antiques sell when off her she . debt
  6. the signing house . was into woman away tricked her
  7. the reception splashed on their . wedding out parents daughter's
  8. stands to exactly I know . what need R.E.M for Premium

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