Advanced Level >> Phrasal Verbs Worksheets >> Students re-order the words to make correct sentences with phrasal verbs beginning with R-S.

Phrasal Verbs R-S, Re-Ordering Worksheet


Re-order these words to make correct sentences using phrasal verbs that all begin with the letters R and S.

  1. I read back over the dissertation and found so many errors.
  2. If we manage to ride out the recession, we'll be much stronger.
  3. Marcia is a very kind woman but none of that rubbed off on her daughter.
  4. The window is so dirty that I can't see through it properly.
  5. My aunt had to sell off her antiques when she got into debt.
  6. The woman was tricked into signing away her house.
  7. The parents splashed out on their daughter's wedding reception.
  8. I need to know exactly what R.E.M stands for. Premium

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