Advanced Level >> Phrasal Verbs Worksheets >> Which are the incorrect sentences? Gives students good practice at phrasal verbs, in this worksheet those beginning with M-P.

Phrasal Verbs M-P, Correct or Wrong?


Look at these sentences that all contain phrasal verbs that all begin with the letters M to P. Which phrasal verbs are being used correctly? Is each sentence Correct or Wrong?

  1. It got dark quickly and we were lost so we made for the nearest lit house.
  2. We will have to mark off these old books if we want to sell them quickly.
  3. Have you already moved onto your new apartment or is it not ready yet?
  4. Cathy opened up about her ex-husband last night. It was very sad to listen to.
  5. I'm not owning off to anything I didn't do! I'm innocent.
  6. Why are you trying to pass off that man as your boss? You don't even know him!
  7. I picked out a lot of Spanish just being on vacation for two weeks in Mexico last year.
  8. My laptop is playing up again. I only bought it a few months ago! Premium

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