Advanced Level >> Phrasal Verbs Worksheets >> Which are the incorrect sentences? Gives students good practice at phrasal verbs, in this worksheet those beginning with H-L.

Phrasal Verbs H-L, Correct or Wrong?


Look at these sentences that all contain phrasal verbs that all begin with the letters H to L. Which phrasal verbs are being used correctly? Is each sentence Correct or Wrong?

  1. I told Ken I didn't want the money and handed it back to him.
  2. "Hang off!" she shouted at him, "I'm not ready yet. Why are you always rushing me?"
  3. I was always keen to hear where you hit on that idea of using coal to improve your garden's soil.
  4. Clara got angry with her friends and refused to join on their games.
  5. The robbers should have kept to the plan, but one of them rang his mother and the police eventually caught them.
  6. Jimmy was expelled from school for knocking by a boy in a fight.
  7. Well Martin knows more than anyone else, so he can lead up the discussion.
  8. The baby began crying at 1am and didn't let up until nearly 4am! Premium

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