Advanced Level >> Phrasal Verbs Worksheets >> Your students will have to create the phrasal verbs from two groups of main verbs and prepositions and then use these to complete the sentences.

Phrasal Verb Generator 14


In groups, choose verbs and particles from the following boxes to make phrasal verbs. Which group can think of the most?

Back Call Grow Run
Turn Wear Wipe Work
Away Off Out Of
Into Out Up

Find some phrasal verbs to fill the spaces in the following sentences:

1. The three men BACKED AWAY from the robber when they saw he had a gun.

2. Heavy rain has forced baseball officials to CALL OFF tonight's game.

3. It took me many years to GROW OUT OF the habit of having my bedroom light on when I slept.

4. "You'll never guess who I RAN INTO!" "Who?" "Our old teacher, Mrs. Monkins! After all these years."

5. Oh, the news is on. Can you TURN UP the TV, I can't hear a thing!

6. I do love your little walking trips, Adrian, but you're WEARING me OUT! I'm not twenty anymore!

7. My favorite game is Alien Insanity. You have to WIPED OUT all the alien cities and protect yours using robot dinosaurs!

8. Stop using a calculator all the time, Cindy! Can't you WORK it OUT in your head? Premium

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