Advanced Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students use an word relating to personal finances to complete each sentence.

Personal Finance Gap Fill Worksheet


Choose the best word for each sentence.

approved   assessed   closing   earnest   escrow   lien   loan   mortgage   realtor   title

1. John and Mary wanted to buy a house. They had saved up enough for the ________ money, also called the down payment.

2. The down payment would be kept in a(n) ________ account until the deal was closed.

3. They looked for a good ________, who would help them find a suitable house.

4. They also went to the bank to apply for a(n) ________.

5. They were ________ after the bank checked their credit rating.

6. They found a nice house, but it had a(n) ________ on it because the new roof had not been paid for.

7. Mary and John decided not to buy it, because they wanted a property with a clear ________.

8. They looked at another home, which was selling for less than its ________ value.

9. The owner accepted their offer, and a date was set for the ________.

10. Now John and Mary are home owners. They are happy to be making ________ payments instead of paying rent. Premium

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