Advanced Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students use an expression with numbers to complete each sentence.

Number Expressions Gap Fill Worksheet


Many English expressions use number words. Choose the best word for each sentence.

eight   fifth   firsthand   nine   one   secondhand   seventh   sixth   ten   third

1. The police questioned the suspect harshly, giving him the ________ degree.

2. I don't know what I can do about this. I'm really behind the ________ ball.

3. I sometimes buy ________ clothes at the thrift shop.

4. She was so happy when William proposed to her; she was in ________ heaven.

5. He's been on cloud ________ since he won the gold medal.

6. My doctor is so good; she seems to have a(n) ________ sense for diagnosing illness.

7. It's very nice of you to invite me to go to the theater with you and your husband, but I would feel like a(n) ________ wheel.

8. Veterans know the evils of war from ________ experience.

9. That restaurant is excellent; I would give it a perfect ________.

10. Selfish people sometimes say, " You have to look out for number ________." Premium

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