Advanced Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students select from a list of words that can be verbs and nouns (with different pronunciation) to complete each sentence.

Nouns & Verbs Gap Fill Worksheet 1


Many English words can be used as both nouns and verbs. Choose the best word for each sentence. You may have to conjugate the verbs.

object    produce   project   record   subject

1. I like to buy my fresh ________ at that store. I got some delicious peaches there last week.

2. The high jumper set a new ________ at the track meet.

3. The state of Wyoming ________ the most coal of all the states in the USA.

4. In the trial last week, the defense attorney ________ to some of questions that were asked.

5. My son's favorite ________ in school is biology.

6. There is a big building ________ going on in my neighborhood.

7. The prisoners complained that they were ________ to harsh treatment.

8. I couldn't be at home yesterday when the game was on TV, so I ________ it to watch later.

9. The teacher told her students to ________ their voices so the audience could hear them when they were acting in the school play.

10. The government is investigating a report of an unidentified flying ________. Premium

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