Advanced Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students select from a list of words that can be verbs and nouns (with different pronunciation) to complete each sentence.

Nouns & Verbs Gap Fill Worksheet 2


Many English words can be used as both nouns and verbs. Choose the best word for each sentence. You may need to conjugate the verbs.

bridge   conduct   house    raise    soil

1. Mr. Brown is thinking about quitting his job if he doesn't get a ________ this year.

2. My cousin got a good ________ medal from the army.

3. We are hoping our son gets a scholarship to ________ the gap between our savings and the cost of college tuition.

4. The state of Iowa has a good climate and good ________ for growing corn.

5. I ________ my clothes cleaning the garage.

6. They are going to build a new ________ across the river.

7. That picture is hanging too low; I'm going to ________ it about an inch.

8. That apartment is not large enough to ________ sixteen people.

9. Who ________ that orchestra last year?

10. How many bedrooms does the ________ have? Premium

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