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Prepositions Gap Fill: John Lennon's Guitar


Read this short article about a famous guitar owned by John Lennon. For each space, decide if a preposition is required and, if so, which one.

The guitar John Lennon was playing when he first met _____ Paul McCartney could fetch up to £100,000 when it is put _____ for auction by Sotheby's in London next month.

The Gallotone "Champion" acoustic guitar is the earliest Beatles guitar to be offered _____ auction.

The 17-year-old John Lennon was playing it while leading his band the Quarry Men _____ a church fête in 1957 - watched _____ the then 15-year-old McCartney.

Sotheby's Rock 'n' Roll specialist Stephen Maycock said: "This is the most important and significant piece of early Beatles memorabilia to come _____ the market."

The cherry-coloured Dutch-made guitar has been fully restored and bears the "Champion" logo.

It is also bears a brass plaque _____ the inscription "Remember you'll never earn your living by it".

It refers _____ a remark that Lennon's Aunt Mimi is thought to have made out of exasperation at the number of hours the young Lennon spent practising on the guitar rather _____ studying.

But, her nephew was out to prove her anxiety wrong and if he had not been playing his guitar once again at the St Peter's church fête _____ Woolton, Merseyside he might not have had that fateful encounter.

A black and white photo _____ the afternoon shows Lennon standing at the front _____ the stage playing the Dutch-made guitar. Among the crowd of spectators was the teenage McCartney.

The two were introduced later _____ the day as the Quarry Men set up _____ an evening session in the church hall.

McCartney was impressed with Lennon's ability to play the guitar and remember lyrics from well-known rock 'n' roll songs.

A former member of the Quarry Men recalled that Lennon bought the instrument _____ mail order a month or so earlier, for only £10.

Forty-two years on, the guitar, which is being sold _____ with Lennon's typewriter and records _____ his early collection, is expected to sell for _____ to £100,000 at the Rock 'n' Roll Memorabilia Sale at the Hard Rock Café.

In September 1994, a tape recording of John Lennon singing and playing the guitar _____ the Quarry Men at the fête was bought _____ EMI Records for £78,500 at the annual sale.

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