Advanced Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students select from a list of words with the -IR prefix to complete each sentence.

Ir- Prefix Gap Fill Worksheet 2


The prefix ir- often means 'not'. Choose the best word for each sentence.

irrational   irreconcilable   irregular   irrelevant   irreligious   irreplaceable   irresistible   irrespective   irresponsible   irreversible

1. Don't break that antique vase. It's ________.

2. I'm trying to cut down on sweets, but that cake was ________.

3. It was hard to stack the pieces of wood because they were all ________ shapes.

4. The couple said they had to get a divorce because they had ________ differences.

5. The man suffered ________ damage to his eyes from not wearing eye protection in the factory.

6. We won't talk about that now because it's ________ to our discussion.

7. The people didn't believe in God at all; they were ________.

8. The graduates were lined up in alphabetical order, ________ of their fields of study.

9. It was ________ to leave the car unlocked in the parking lot.

10. Doing ________ things is one of the symptoms of Alzheimer's. Premium

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