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Inversion Structures Multiple Choice Worksheet


For each sentence, decide which is the best answer to fill the gap.

1. _________ should children be allowed to drive.
a. No sooner
b. Under no circumstances

2. _________ after months of planning were they ready for the conference.
a. Rarely
b. Only

3. _________ had I left than I heard them laughing.
a. No sooner
b. Only when

4. Now _________ to escape and she jumped from the window.
a. was the time
b. the time was

5. Many a time _________ plan to divorce her husband, but she never did.
a. she did
b. did she

6. Only _________ can we start the party.
a. when has Jane arrived
b. when Jane has arrived

7. _________ who borrowed the money.
a. Max it was
b. It was Max

8. What _________ is simply not true.
a. are you saying
b. you are saying Premium

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