Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Error correction worksheet to practice use of inversion structures such as "never have I", "rarely", etc.

Inversion Structures Error Correction Worksheet


Look at these sentences that use forms of inversion. Is each sentence correct or not? Correct those that aren't.

1. How wonderful that movie was!

2. Only after posting the postcard did I remember I hadn't put a stamp on it.

3. Rarely Veronica forgets to take her key.

4. Under no circumstances you should reply to that letter.

5. What a lovely meal was that!

6. Only when you have your own children you will understand how difficult it is.

7. Never I have seen so much snow in November!

8. Only Phil saw the thief coming through the window.

9. What worries me most is the sheer expense of the vacation.

10. What I'm going to do, ask for another bill. Premium

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