Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students re-order words to make sentences using advanced gerund and infinitive structures.

Gerund and Infinitive Re-Ordering Worksheet


Put these words into the correct order to make sentences containing different gerund/infinitive verb patters.

  1. I dread to think how much all of this will cost.
  2. Did you remember to turn on the heater before you left the apartment?
  3. I remember seeing Kane, but I don't remember saying anything to him.
  4. I enjoy reading novels, but I'm not keen on watching them made into movies.
  5. Stop making so much noise or you'll wake the baby up.
  6. I suggest going to speak to a career advisor and she'll give you some suggestions.
  7. If we hadn't stopped to speak to your friend, we wouldn't be so late!
  8. If you keep getting those headaches, try sleeping more.
  9. I never tried to contact Peter after he left his job so suddenly. Premium

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