Advanced Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students select a word that means 'getting less' to complete each sentence.

Getting Less Gap Fill Worksheet


These words have similar meanings. Choose the best one for each sentence, using the correct verb form.

abridge   contract   fall   lose   lower   recede   reduce   shrink   subside   subtract

1. The price is ________ 20% for the sale.

2. The children are learning to add and ________.

3. You need to ________ your expectations.

4. He is afraid he might get bald because he has a ________ hairline.

5. After an hour, the fury of the storm had ________.

6. The stock market ________ yesterday.

7. The doctor says that I have to ________ some weight.

8. Metals expand when they are heated and ________ when they are cooled.

9. I already read the ________ version of that book.

10. That sweater might ________ if you wash it in hot water. Premium

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