Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Error correction worksheet focusing on gerund and infinitive verb patterns.

Infinitive & Gerund - Error Correction


Look at these examples of infinitive and gerund verb patterns. Is each of these sentences Correct or Wrong?

  1. I like going to the dentist at least twice a year.
  2. She regrets saying anything to her sister now.
  3. Swimming is a very good exercise for the heart.
  4. After seeing so many homeless people, Carl decided to do something to help them.
  5. Stop to think about how many unhealthy young people there are today.
  6. I regret informing you that you don't have the job.
  7. He was the one who convinced me to audition for the play.
  8. You can't go on to punish yourself for so long over something that wasn't your fault. Premium

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