Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Re-ordering worksheet which gives practice of contrasting ideas using 'despite', 'although', etc.

Contrasting Ideas Re-Ordering Worksheet


Put these words into the correct order. The first word in every sentence is John.

  1. John is a vegetarian but he was eating meat.
  2. John's wife looks so young even though she's actually 58.
  3. John climbed a mountain last year although he's afraid of heights.
  4. John went to work yesterday despite his illness.
  5. John read all the Harry Potter books despite not being interested in fantasy.
  6. John is happily married and has a great job. nevertheless, he's unhappy.
  7. John cooked dinner in spite of his wife saying she would do it.
  8. John never plays any sports despite his doctor telling him to. Premium

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