Advanced Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students use the correct color shade name to complete each sentence.

Color Shades Gap Fill Worksheet


These are some words that describe colors. Write each one after its definition.

amber   azure   beige   chartreuse   chestnut   ebony   ivory   navy   scarlet   turquoise

1. This is a bright red color. ________

2. This greenish-blue color gets its name from a stone of that color. ________

3. This is a very pale yellowish-brown. ________

4. This is very dark brown or black. It gets its name from a tropical tree. ________

5. This shade of bright blue is sometimes used to describe the color of the sky on a clear day. ________

6. This is a pale yellow-green. ________

7. This creamy-white color is also the name of the material that elephant tusks are made of. ________

8. This shade of blue is so dark that it looks almost black. ________

9. This reddish-brown color is often used to describe horses. ________

10. This is a golden yellow, the color of honey or ripe grain. It is the color of the yellow light on a traffic signal. ________ Premium

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