Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students read text messages about repairs to a house - unfortunately, they've come through incomplete and garbled and students have to finish them.

Causative: Incomplete Text Messages


Brenda Swinson has asked her builder to visit her vacation home in the mountains of Canada and report to her about the problems he finds. The cell phone reception is very bad up in the mountains and he can't call her, just send a few text messages. But some of the messages come through to Brenda a little confused. Complete each text message.

1. Hi Brenda, arrived at the house few hours ago. Had a look around. House needs l$$ of w$$$ doing to it.

2. You will have to have a$$ the wind$$$ repl$$$$. They're in terrible cond$$$$.

3. Garden is a mess! You need to have one big o$$ tree c$$ down - it's rotten.

4. The pool looks okay. If you h$$$ it c$$$$$$ and repain$$$ it will be perfect.

5. The house looks shabby on the outs$$$. You need to $$$$ it rep$$$$$$, preferably white!

6. The stairs creak a lot, like a horror movie. Some old steps! Have $$$$ replaced. Local carp$$$$$ said he'll do it.

7. You will have to have the wh$$$ house rewir$$. It's danger$$$ now, don't play with electricity. Hasn't been done in decades!

8. The chimney is full of soot. Have it unbl$$$$$ before the winter. There might be bi$$$ nests in there! Premium

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