Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Exercise in which students practice causative structures and think about who provides services such as gardening, cleaning, etc.

Causative: Vacation Orders!


Michael's parents are going to the Caribbean for a second honeymoon. While they're gone, they've asked their son, Richie, to do some tasks. Who will he have to call for the first five? Complete the final three using the correct verbs.

The Three Amigos Catering Services, 555-0106

Trevor Bailey, Carpentry and Building Contractors, 555-8823

Domingo Milanez, Local Vet, 555-7763

Joe's Auto Repairs, 555-6682

Charles Cleaning and Plumbing Services, 555-4834

1. Please get the pool cleaned. There are leaves stuck in the filter and mud on the bottom.

2. Please get Toby's nails cut. They're hurting him and he limps when we took him for a walk last week.

3. Please get a cake made for your sister's birthday next week. We want it ready for when we come back.

4. Please get the brakes fixed on your father's Ford, he needs it for work next week.

5. Please get the wall at the end of the garden repaired. Another two bricks have fallen off it recently!

6. Please get the grass ________, the garden's looking like a meadow!

7. Please ________ the kitchen window ________. There's a big crack in it from the storm last month.

8. Please ________ the barbecue ________. The barbecue on our last night was wonderful, but now it's filthy! Premium

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