Advanced Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students use one of 'bow', 'case' or 'stern' to complete each sentence.

Bow, Case & Stern Gap Fill Worksheet


The three words 'bow', 'case' and 'stern' have more than one meaning. Use one of the words to complete each sentence.

1. We should have umbrellas in ________ it rains.

2. Although the father was kind to his children, he acted very ________ when he scolded them.

3. The front of a boat is called the ________.

4. The back of a boat is called the ________.

5. We will bring a ________ of beer to the party.

6. She tied a fancy ________ on top of the gift.

7. The boss carries his papers in an attaché ________.

8. Everyone should ________ to the king.

9. The detective was investigating a murder ________.

10. We'll do some target practice with a ________ and arrows. Premium

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