Advanced Level >> Reading Comprehension >> Teaching reading skills is always important and working on reading comprehension and different reading styles. In this example, students read an article about the Siberian winter and answer multiple choice questions.

The cruelty of a Siberian winter



Choose the best answer:

1. What do we learn in the opening paragraph.

a) The author arrived by bus.
b)** The author wasn't accustomed to such cold.
c) The author wished he had had another pair of gloves.
d) The author ate some ice when he arrived.

2. What is the local theory about vodka?

a) If you drink too much, you may never walk again.
b) If you don't drink it, you may lose your legs.
c)** If you drink it, you may suffer less from the cold.
d) You shouldn't drink it if you are old.

3. Which sentence is true about the hospital?

a) It is too warm inside.
b)** They don't have enough supplies and equipment.
c) The staff didn't want to talk to the journalist.
d) Most frost-bite victims need to have operations.

4. What happened to Nikolai?

a) He almost lost his hands.
b) He ignored the weather forecast.
c) He had a problem with his engine.
d)** He had had to help himself.

5. Houses in Irkutsk..

a) don't have separate bathrooms.
b) were built by private companies for profit.
c) are too cold if the temperature is less than -40ºC.
d)** cause health problems for their residents. Premium

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