Advanced Level >> Reading Comprehension >> Reading comprehension and different reading styles. In this example, students have open comprehension questions on an article about a couple who win the lottery.

From Nag To Moneybag



Example Answers:

1.Why didn't Rasen want to go to work on March 5th?

Because of the bad weather.

2.What type of lottery did he play and win?

It was an instant scratch-card.

3.What was the weather like on March 5th?

It was snowing lightly.

4.What jobs do Rasen and his wife do?

She is an accountant and he is a jeweler.

5.How much money will they receive next year?


6.Does Rasen often play the lottery?

No, it says 'on a whim'.

7.What plans do they have for the money?

"We can now pay for our children's colleges, and we also plan to help people who aren't as fortunate"

8.What would you do if you had this much money?

9.How are Victoria's plans different?

She wants to have plastic surgery. Premium

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