Advanced Level >> Phrasal Verbs Worksheets >> Working from two lists, main verbs and particles, your class will create the phrasal verbs in order to fill in the spaces in the sentences.

Phrasal Verb Generator 3


In groups, choose verbs and particles from the following boxes to make phrasal verbs. Which group can think of the most?

Blow Carry Cover End Give
Let Pass Run Talk Touch
In Around To Back
Over For Up On

Find some phrasal verbs to fill the spaces in the following sentences:

1. Don't worry about the argument you had with your sister. It will soon BLOW OVER.

2. If you see Jane tomorrow, PASS ON my best wishes to her for her new baby.

3. We went to that new cinema first, then the pizza restaurant and we ENDED UP in the bar near the old bridge.

4. Parents often worry about their teenage children RUNNING UP a huge phone bill

5. It's been raining for three hours now and it doesn't look like it will LET UP today.

6. He tried to COVER UP his deception but he was discovered when he left an incriminating photocopy on his desk.

7. He isn't a good boxer but his trainer keeps TALKING him UP as though he was world champion.

8. The professor spent two hours speaking about the economy without even TOUCHING ON globalisation.

9. The money we owe you for un-used vacation time will CARRY OVER to next month's cheque.

10. With that accent of his, he could PASS FOR a Frenchman I think. Premium

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