Advanced Level >> Phrasal Verbs Worksheets >> Your students will have to create the phrasal verbs from two groups of main verbs and prepositions and then use these to complete the sentences.

Phrasal Verb Generator 2


In groups, choose verbs and particles from the following boxes to make phrasal verbs. Which group can think of the most?

Burn Catch Cut Fall Head
Tell Live Pick See Walk
On Out Off For
About Over In Up

Find some phrasal verbs to fill the spaces in the following sentences:

1. We need to ___________ early tomorrow if we want to catch the first bus into town.

2. And when we get into town, we can ___________ straight ___________ the first bank we see.

3. She didn't manage to ___________ anyone from the line-up as she had forgotten completely what the mugger looked like.

4. I will never ___________ to the expectations of my father. I can do nothing right in his eyes!

5. Candles usually ___________ after about four hours.

6. When you get to the bank, don't stop, ___________ for another hundred metres and you will see the chemist's on your left.

7. If you want to lose weight Brian, you need to ___________ most meat and all that chocolate you eat in the evening.

8. The sniper ___________ the enemy troops one by one till they were all dead.

9. In this snow and ice, it's so easy to ___________.

10. She wasn't interested in his money. She ___________ his sense of humour. Premium

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