Advanced Level >> Phrasal Verbs Worksheets >> These are called phrasal verb generators. There are two boxes, one with main verbs and one with particles. Students have to create the correct phrasal verb to complete each sentence.

Phrasal Verb Generator 1


In groups, choose verbs and particles from the following boxes to make phrasal verbs. Which group can think of the most?

Go Give Look Push Sit
  Point Count Build  
Over Up Around About Away
On After Under Out In

Find some phrasal verbs to fill the spaces in the following sentences:

1. The firefighters fought the blaze while the crowd ____________.

2. We all felt so tired after the first hour of walking but our guide told us we had to ____________ if we wanted to make the inn by nightfall.

3. While the office computer system was being fixed, there was nothing to do so we just ____________.

4. If you don't know what that word means Jenkins, ____________ it ____________ in the dictionary!

5. I can't understand what you are talking about with this design. Can we ____________ it again?

6. I am ____________ Julie to arrive with the stereo. Otherwise, we won't have any music for the party!

7. Stop slouching in the chair like that. ____________!!

8. Many athletes use steroids to ____________ themselves ____________.

9. I would like to ____________ that there is a piece missing in this model. Hadn't you seen it?

10. I don't like these types of rough games. I think I'll ____________ this one ____________ if you don't mind. Premium

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