Advanced Level >> Phrasal Verbs Worksheets >> A phrasal verb worksheet in which students complete sentences by writing the correct phrasal verb in each space. For this one, the verbs win, wait and wear are included.

Phrasal Verb Gap Fill Worksheet   W-Z


1. When their son hadn't arrived home by 3am, they decided not to WAIT UP for him any longer.

2. Don't WALK OUT on this company now that it is just starting to make some money for the first time.

3. David is really a difficult person to speak to at first, but then inevitably, you start WARMING TO him.

4. The paint is too thick for the picture you are trying to do. But you can WATER IT DOWN a little to make it more liquidy.

5. The more this vacation WEARS ON, the more I realise that I would love to buy a house and live here.

6. It WEIGHS ON my mind every day that it was me that was responsible for the accident.

7. After their argument, Daniel tried to WIN ROUND his girlfriend by buying her some flowers.

8. Winning the lottery would allow me to WIPE OUT all my debts in one go.

9. Hitchcock always managed to WORK IN scenes with him in into his films.

10. I can't be bothered to go to the gym three times a week just to WORK OUT. I prefer to jog for ten minutes every day.

work out
warm to
wipe out
weigh on
walk out
water down
win round
work in
wait up
wear on Premium

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