Advanced Level >> Phrasal Verbs Worksheets >> In each sentence, there is a space which requires one phrasal verb that your students choose from an alphabetical group of phrasal verbs. Verbs here include hold, leave and hear.

Phrasal Verb Gap Fill Worksheet   H-L


Complete this exercise by choosing one of the phrasal verbs given in the box below. Each phrasal verb is used one time. Sometimes, you must use a pronoun between the main verb and the particle. If this is the case, the required pronoun can be found in brackets after the space.

Remember the tenses!

1. Peter. You're not doing anything! Help me _________________ these leaflets in the street for half an hour, please.

2. _________________ mum! I will be with you in a moment. I just have to finish this e-mail.

3. I thought he was deadly serious when he said he used to be a woman - but he was just _________________ (me).

4. Trevor never told me about his party. I _________________ it from his sister.

5. I remember when I met my wife for the first time. We _________________ immediately as if we had known each other for years.

6. Once you get in his office and are speaking to him, don't ______________! Tell him everything you have always complained about. It will be your big chance.

7. And if he offers you that old 2% pay rise again, _________________ for a better deal or say you'll leave.

8. Don't give up so easily on that jigsaw. _________________ (it) as long as necessary.

9. My doctor told me to _________________ high salt food for a few months to help my cholesterol levels.

10. The company had been losing money for two years and it was no surprise when they had to _________________ half the workforce.

11. Don't touch the dog while it's eating. Just _________________ (it) until it finishes.

12. When you write up the contract, _________________ any mention of advertising costs. We will discuss that at a later date.

13. He knew about the surprise party all the time, but he never ______________, acting really surprised when we jumped out.

14. She always intended to marry a millionaire and _________________ him.

15. You shouldn't _________________ to the future so much. Just concentrate on what you are doing now.

16. I have no idea what this word means! I will have to _________________ (it) in the big dictionary.

hold out
hold back
leave alone
look ahead
leave out
hang on
hit if off
live off
hear about
lay off
let on
hand out
keep off
look up
keep at
have on Premium

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