Advanced Level >> Phrasal Verbs Worksheets >> Your class will need to select one phrasal verb from the table to finish each sentence. Phrasal verbs in this exercise include get, find and fall.

Phrasal Verb Gap Fill Worksheet   E-G


Complete this exercise by choosing one of the phrasal verbs given in the box below. Each phrasal verb is used one time. Sometimes, you must use a pronoun between the main verb and the particle. If this is the case, the required pronoun can be found in brackets after the space.

Remember the tenses!

1. As a teacher, doing a lot of paperwork really _________________ my free time.

2. The governments of the western world should _________________ their responsibilities towards the poorer nations.

3. Some European economies are _________________ those of the Asian world where growth is often double the rate.

4. You two go ahead to the disco without me. I don't _________________ going out tonight. I am too tired.

5. She was attacked by two youths but managed to _________________ (them) successfully and call the police.

6. When your dad _________________ what you did at school, you'll be grounded for a year!!

7. Thank you everyone for your attention. I would like to _________________ by asking if there is anything you didn't understand.

8. The killer escaped capture because the police failed to _________________ important clues found at the start of the investigation.

9. She can't walk very well, but _________________ by using a sort of electric bicycle. Very hi-tech!

10. My husband _________________ with my mother better than his own. It's very strange!

11. Some people still insist that OJ Simpson _________________ murder.

12. There's no way we can _________________ on this money. I will have to find a part-time job.

13. We got lost one time in Paris and it was so difficult to _________________ to this old man where it was we wanted to go. In the end, we gave up.

14. When young, our son _________________ all sorts of things at school and was consequently always in trouble. After the age of about 15, he really calmed down.

follow up
get away with
fall behind
get over
get up to
fight off
find out
feel like
get about
finish off
get on
face up to
eat into
get by Premium

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