Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Practice of past modal verbs used to make deductions such as "must have", "can't have" and "might have".

Past Modals of Deduction


Choose one of the following to complete the sentences.

Must have - Might have - Could have - May have - Should have - Can't have

  1. John ____________ gone on holiday. I saw him this morning downtown.
  2. Nobody answered the phone at the clinic. It ____________ closed early.
  3. I ____________ revised more for my exams. I think I'll fail!
  4. Sarah looks really pleased with herself. She ____________ passed her driving test this morning.
  5. I didn't know you were going to Phil's party yesterday. You ____________ told me!
  6. I can't believe Jim hasn't arrived yet. He ____________ caught the wrong train.
  7. I can't believe Jim hasn't arrived yet. He ____________ caught the correct train.
  8. Don't lie to me that you were ill yesterday. You ____________ been ill - Don said you were at the ice hockey match last night.
  9. I don't know where they went on holiday but they bought Euros before they left so they ____________ gone to France or Germany.
  10. His number was busy all night - he ____________ been on the phone continuously for hours.
  11. It ____________ been Mickey I saw at the party. He didn't recognise me at all. Premium

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