Advanced Level >> Conversation/Speaking Materials/Discussion Starter >> "Students read a report on the condition of an old house that needs repairing and decide in groups what action should be taken. Good practice of the causative 'have': for example 'we will have the windows repaired and repainted.'

The Old House


Hi, just a few notes for you. Most rooms very small, not enough light in them (small windows), but some rooms have a large fireplace. Next to railway, but noise not really a problem. Some floorboards are missing or rotten, windows are broken and some ceilings have fallen down. Water comes in through the roof. Large garden but very overgrown and full of old junk. Faulty electric wiring, dripping pipes. Only one toilet. Inside doors tend to stick. Difficult to open some of them. Some stairs are dangerous. There are no carpets, of course! Most walls have wallpaper but it's all filthy and there are too many dark colors. The whole place is in a generally dirty condition. Premium

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