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That's Not A Verb!


Look at the list of nouns in the box below. They are also all, incredibly, verbs. Try to select the correct ones to fill the spaces

1. Try and PICTURE what the house will be like once the builders have finished.

2. Mr. Winston will CHAIR this meeting as our usual president is ill today.

3. Shakespeare is considered to be the writer who COINED more phrases than anyone else.

4. Can you help me with these leaflets Carl? I have to HAND one to every woman who is with a child.

5. This wall is too rough. We will have to SAND it down before we can paint it.

6. The smugglers BEACHED their boat and unloaded the stolen whiskey into the waiting car.

7. That student of mine has been DOGGING me with stupid questions all week. Why doesn't he go and use the library?

8. A male wolf can FATHER up to 200 cubs in its lifetime.

9. The snow is getting really heavy now. I think we should RADIO for help down in the valley.

10. Why don't you PEN a letter to your father seeing as you have a spare twenty minutes.

11. Captain, how many men were MANNING the lifeboats when the ship finally sank?

12. Sir, could you get out of your car please. We have just CLOCKED you doing over 115mph! Do you have an explanation?

Can you think of more usual verbs that could be used for each question? Premium

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