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That's Not A Noun! Worksheet 2


Look at the list of verbs in the box below. They are also all, incredibly, nouns. Try to select the correct ones to fill the spaces

1. If you don't know what to do with that piece of cloth, why don't you just make a __THROW__ for the sofa?

2. That really is too good a price to believe for a car of that quality! What's the __CATCH__? If there isn't one, then it's an absolute __STEAL__!!

3. Before studying Archaeology at university, I went to Peru to assist as a volunteer at a __DIG__ near the capital Lima.

4. One particular __FIND__ that fascinated everyone was a hunting spear that was apparently used by the tribes in that area of Peru more than five thousand years ago.

5. My brother is in the army but will be out on __LEAVE__ next month and we are going to Disneyland together. It'll be great!!

6. One of the best ways to watch birds in their natural envirnoment is to set up a simple __HIDE__ in your garden, wait patiently and you will be rewarded before too long.

7. Don't I get any sort of __SAY__ in where we are going on vacation? I don't like the way you get to decide everything without hearing my input.

8. If you sell the business for so much money, are you going to give a __CUT__ to your father? He did give you that job to start with all those years ago!

9. When you are swimming be careful of the __WAKE__ of that big boat there. It could knock you off the boat in an instant.

10. If they manage to book that band for this year's summer festival, it will be a real __DRAW__ and we should get record attendances!

11. Your brother has a bit of fat around his waist, he actually has quite a small __BUILD__ and he can probably lose that weight quite easily. Premium

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