Advanced Level >> Miscellaneous >> I like to do something like this with higher level students, some of who might be thinking 'oh, another year of English'. This activity gets them to look at where they are going with their English and what they hope to be able to get out of the course.

Why are we here and what do we want to do?


Think about these questions, write your own answers and then discuss them with your partner:

Why do you want to improve your English?

What activities in the classroom can best help you improve your English?

What things can you do in the class to best help yourself with your English?

What things can you do outside the class to best help yourself?

How important is the school/the teacher/the coursebook in your learning process this year?

Is it important for you to prepare for a lesson? How can you prepare for a lesson?

What is the perfect lesson?

What characteristics do you look for in a teacher?

Can a teacher make a big difference at this level of English? Premium

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