Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> This is a grammar worksheet which helps students use words such as "though", "despite" and "however".

Contrasting Ideas


In each question, there are two contrasting idea. Use the word in brackets to write one sentence.

1. Despite the fact that Harold wasn't the fastest runner, he won the race.

2. There were not many people at the party, but it was really enjoyable.

3. Despite not feeling too good this morning, I went to work.

4. It's an old radio. Nevertheless, it works really well.

5. Although Gary worked for weeks on that assignment, he got a terrible mark for it.

6. Despite my thick overcoat, I felt cold while at the stadium watching the game.

7. In spite of the fact that I lay on the beach all day, I am as white as I was before!

8. I performed confidently at the interview. However, I didn't get the job.

9. Even though Rosa and Marcello had a huge row last night, they seem very happy today.

10. In spite of speaking English well, they asked me to take a course at the university. Premium

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