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Phrasal Verbs - Participle "Out"


The particle out has different meanings when added to a verb to make a phrasal verb. Here are six common examples. Read the sentences and put the phrasal verb into the appropriate box depending on the meaning of out.

Choose from a number of possibilities Remove Disappear \ use completely Stop being involved in something
Leave a place to go outside \ do something outside Exclude \ not be included
  1. I can't decide which tie to wear. Can you help me pick one out?
  2. If she drops out of college her parents will be furious.
  3. Last year's winner was knocked out in the semi final this year by the young Italian.
  4. My parents say I have to be home at 01.00 but I want to stay out all night.
  5. There are two options for each question - cross out the wrong answer.
  6. We should stop spending before we run out of money!
  7. Add some more wood or the fire will go out.
  8. If he doesn't get more money, the singer will pull out of the show.
  9. Miss Smith, can you pull out the 2005 files, please?
  10. There's a thorough exam before the course starts to filter out the weaker students
  11. I don't want to cook. Shall we eat out tonight?
  12. Good morning. I'd like to take out some money from my account, please. Premium

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