Upper Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Students find the errors in these sentences with third conditional sentences.

Third Conditional Error Correction

Upper Intermediate

Look at these third conditional sentences. Some of them have errors. Are the Correct or Wrong?

  1. The doctors would have called by now if they had finished the operation.
  2. I might have be very rich if I'd been born in the USA.
  3. I wouldn't have invited Tara to the party if I'd known she was in town.
  4. You could've stayed at home if the weather had been worse.
  5. I never would have gone to prison if I hadn't stolen that money.
  6. I might had won the lottery if you'd remembered to buy me a ticket.
  7. She may not have fell ill if she hadn't eaten that seafood.
  8. Lilly said she wouldn't have said "no" if Barry had asked her to marry him.

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