Upper Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Gap fill worksheet to practice technology-related words.

Technology Vocabulary Worksheet

Upper Intermediate

Choose one of the words related to technology from the table to complete each sentence. One of the words is not required. Write another sentence for the extra word.

printer   wi-fi   synchronize   browser   touchscreen   mp3 player   upgrade   burner   upload

1. We made a copy of the wedding DVD using the ________ on the laptop. Then we sent it to my uncle.

2. Take the computer over near the TV, the ________ signal is stronger there.

3. These photos look great! Why don't you ________ them to your Facebook page so your friends can see them?

4. I need to read this report on the train tomorrow and our ________ isn't working, it's got no ink. What can I do?

5. If you go jogging around the neighborhood, don't use your ________ because you won't hear traffic and it's very dangerous.

6. The only problem I have with these ________ devices is that I get greasy fingerprints everywhere and have to clean it every day!

7. Every morning, before going to work, I ________ my home and office computers so they have the same files on them.

8. I was very satisfied with the free version of the application, so now I want to ________ to the paid version.

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