Upper Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Which are the incorrect sentences? Gives students good practice at phrasal verbs, in this worksheet those beginning with E to G.

Phrasal Verbs E-G, Correct or Wrong?

Upper Intermediate

Look at these sentences that all contain phrasal verbs that all begin with the letters E-G. Which phrasal verbs are being used correctly? Is each sentence Correct or Wrong?

  1. After all those years earning good money, how did you end up being so poor?
  2. If you don't feel up of going to town, we can stay at home and relax.
  3. We could never figure up how Robert stole all the company's money.
  4. Hector, after you finish up in here, clean the kitchen and then you can go.
  5. I tried to get across my meaning to his mother, but she wasn't listening to me.
  6. Are you getting up with that new guy in the sales department? He seems a little strange.
  7. Cynthia got down with helping us all by saying she had a bad headache. She's such a liar!
  8. Put that meat straight in the cooler or it will go off.

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