Upper Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> >> An error correction worksheet focusing on the correct use of the hyphen.

Hypen Use Error Correction Worksheet

Upper Intermediate

Look at these sentences that either include or do not include hyphens. Is each sentence correct or not? Correct those that are wrong.

1. As it was such a hot day, we all bought ice-creams.

2. It hurt a lot. I thought I'd been hit by a ten ton truck.

3. There were thirty-six athletes in the final race.

4. Pass me that bag of chocolate-covered nuts. I love them!

5. The university-campus has been closed due to flood damage.

6. John's coworkers bought him a new mp3 player for his birthday.

7. Don't spell it like that. It's H-Y-P-H-E-N.

8. Mrs. Grayson, the much-loved teacher from New York, died aged seventy-four.

9. The teacher won an award for her literature classes, which focused on nineteenth and twentieth-century novels.

10. In the restaurant, I saw a woman eating pizza and a man eating shark.

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