Upper Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> >> A mix of future tenses in this error correction worksheet.

Future Tenses Error Correction Worksheet

Upper Intermediate

Look at how the future is being used in each of these sentences. Is each one correct or not?

1. I'll buy the red shoes if they still have them in the store. (Correct, First Conditional)

2. I don't have that much money, I'll ask my mother for a loan. (Correct, decision made at time of speaking, not beforehand.)

3. Oh look how angry the manager is. He's going to shout at us for not working hard enough. (Correct, prediction made using present evidence.)

4. He'll help you if you ask him. (First Conditional)

5. The next episode of "Youth Today" is on at the same time next week. (Regular schedule, present simple)

6. Sheila's going to work for her father for a year. (Correct, future plan/intention)

7. When we get to the cinema, I'll call you. (First conditional)

8. That pot is going to boil over, Tim. Turn down the gas. (Correct, prediction made using present evidence.)

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