Upper Intermediate Level >> Games >> Students work in three or four groups. Each group takes its turn to suggest a letter. All letters must be used by all groups to form words on a grid. Good game for last 10 minutes of a class. Can be used at lower levels too.

Word Grid Game

Upper Intermediate

1. Students are divided into three or four groups and each group draws a six by six grid on a piece of paper as such:


2. The teacher thinks of any letter and announces it to the class. All the groups must then choose a place on the grid for this letter to go.

3. Each group takes it in turns to choose another letter until all groups have chosen a letter at which point it returns to the teacher and on to the groups again to choose a second letter each. At all points, the teacher checks that each group has written in their letter before the next letter is chosen. This prevents letters being 'saved' until they can more effectively be placed.

4. Once about 20 to 25 letters have been called and placed, the scores are calculated as follows:

Example Grid:
Using the letters, W,T,F,G,D,E,A,H,O,L,I,T,R,O

T A G   H  
O T O      
W   L I D  
E   F      

Final Score: 31 (I think)

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