Upper Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> General upper intermediate vocabulary with quite a lot of vocabulary pertaining to facial expressions, movements of the body and gestures.

Level 4 Vocabulary

Upper Intermediate

  1. I don't like people who ________ their noses in public. They should use a handkerchief.
  2. He's a very old man who walks with a ________.
  3. You don't have to say anything. Just ________ your head if you agree.
  4. Look! John is ________ goodbye to us.
  5. I think they are more than friends. I saw them have a quick ________ near the Coke machine.
  6. Remember to ________ if you meet the queen.
  7. He kept ________ me under the table to get my attention.
  8. I can't ________ on this dirty floor. I don't care if it's a church.
  9. He ________ at me like an idiot on every question. He doesn't know anything.

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