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Vocabulary Revision

Upper Intermediate

Here are some example answers.

  1. It's good to _SQUEEZE__ a lemon to see if it's fresh.
  2. The noise from his stereo is absolutely _DEAFENING__.
  3. Sea water is too _SALTY_ to drink.
  4. Smoking normally gives you a _COUGH__.
  5. The train _SHUDDERED/SCREECHED__ to a stop ten metres from the destroyed bridge.
  6. She held her broken finger and sat in the corner quietly _SOBBING_.
  7. "It's you!!!!," she _SHRIEKED/SCREAMED__ when she saw her son for the first time in over ten years.
  8. I'll meet you in the school __REFECTORY/CANTEEN__ and we can have something to eat.
  9. The whole school always meets in the __HALL/ASSEMBLY HALL__ at nine in the morning.
  10. The crime of _TRESPASS__ is when you go onto private property without permission.
  11. His house burnt down and then we found out he'd committed _ARSON__ on his own house for the insurance money!!
  12. If you steal from a shop, that's _SHOPLIFTING__, but _BURGLARY_ is stealing from a house.
  13. I haven't got any money to pay for _BAIL_ so I have to stay in the police station.
  14. The main __SUSPECT___ in the case was an old woman who had hated the victim but the police couldn't __PROVE__ anything.
  15. He is not a senior judge, just a __MAGISTRATE__.
  16. The police didn't trust him so they kept him in __CUSTODY__.
  17. The OJ Simpson _TRIAL__ lasted about four months.

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