Upper Intermediate Level >> Flashcards and Role Play Materials >> Communicative mingle activity which sets half the class as authority figures against the other half of the students. Practice of "supposed to" given. Quick thinking on the students' parts necessary here. Potentially a lot of fun.

You're Not Supposed To Do That!

Upper Intermediate

Half the class are given roles of authority. If possible, make up some badges with their job titles on.

Suggested jobs are:

Librarian - Teacher - Police Officer - Traffic Policeman - Parent

The students who are assigned these jobs are also given the relevant flashcards from below. All the class then mingles and the "authority figures" chastise the other students for various small misdemeanors. The students have to come up with reasons/excuses for their actions and then move onto the next authority figure.

Each job has three flashcards associated with it. Each student with a job will speak with all the other students and you can have some feedback afterwards about the best and worst excuses given.

You're not supposed to bring books back late. You're not supposed to take more than three books.
You're not supposed to talk in this library. You're supposed to have finished that composition by today.
You're supposed to get to class at exactly 9am. You're supposed to only talk English in class.
You're supposed to keep your dog on a chain in this area. You're not supposed to play loud music after midnight.
This is private land. You're not supposed to be here. You're supposed to keep to a 50mph speed limit here.
You're supposed to have number plates on the back of your car. You're not supposed to park there.
You're supposed to have cleaned your room yesterday. You're not supposed to eat anything before your dinner.

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