Upper Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Error correction sheet which concentrates on how "say" and "tell" are used differently.

He Said I Told Him To Say It

Upper Intermediate

Look at these sentences which use "say" and "tell". Which ones are correct and which are wrong.

  1. I told "goodbye" to John but he just ignored me completely. ...said "goodbye" to John...
  2. Mike told me to come and see you immediately. Correct
  3. Say "goodnight" to your uncle and then we can go. Correct
  4. Helen told me about your broken leg. How did that happen? Correct
  5. I told that I didn't want to go the same restaurant again. ...I said that I didn't...
  6. What did she tell her mother? Correct
  7. What did she say to her mother? Correct
  8. What did she say her mother? What did she tell her mother?
  9. John said a terrible joke at the party and no-one laughed - except him of course! John told a terrible joke...
  10. Kathy told her turn the television on so she could watch her favourite soap opera. Kathy told her to turn...
  11. I said John that I can't come to the party tomorrow. Sorry! I told John that I...

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